Orchid Vase

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  • Height - 7.75 inches
  • Width at Shoulder - 5.75  inches
  • Opening Width: 4.25 inches

Perfect for a big bouquet of flowers from your local flower farmer or even a large top cut from the fancy plants you're propagating. 

This vase features an orchid that is meticulously sketched onto the form. Wax is painted around the form to prevent the liquid glaze from adhering to the piece. After several hours for the wax to set, glazes are hand piped and painted, layered and smoothed to fill out the design. The finished image is then waxed again to prevent adherence of the liner glaze. Finally the piece is fired and emerges from the kiln transformed. 

All h&l Ceramics are thrown on the wheel by hand, fired to Cone 7. The bottoms are sanded and smoothed to maximize comfort and minimize potential damage to surfaces. All pieces are dishwasher, microwave and food safe unless otherwise noted. For maximum life and beauty, hand-washing is recommended. 



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