Glazescape Aurora Pourover - A

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  • Height - 4 inches (in)
  • Width at Top: 4.5 inches (interior), 4.75 inches (exterior)
  • Cone Depth -  4.25 inches
  • Cone Drain Opening: 0.75 inch 
  • Base: 3.5 inches
  • Accommodates Mugs with Lip Diameter 2.5-3.5 inches 

Modeled after well-known pourover brands that do not offer ceramic or more personalized options, these pourovers are perfect for the morning drinker who indulges in just one cup, the slight addict who has already emptied their French press but needs just one more, or the coffee aficionado who just wants the good stuff.  Use with conical (Chemex) filters. Reusable metal filters are available online. 

All H&L Ceramics are sanded and smoothed to maximize comfort and minimize potential damage to surfaces. All pieces are dishwasher and microwaves safe unless otherwise noted. For maximum life and beauty, hand-washing is recommended. 

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