Glass-Bottom Tumbler

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  • Volume - 10-11 fl oz

Perfect for your favorite tropical cocktail. If you love the H&L Ceramics coconut tumblers, you'll love these. 

Inspired by glass-bottom boats that allow you to see straight into the depths of the ocean, these tumblers are fired upside-down with glaze covering the bottom. The continuous glaze up from the bottom towards the speckled clay provides the illusion of the sea lapping at the shoreline. The exposed clay is sanded smooth for a comfortable drinking experience. 

Available in Sea Green (5 available) or Deep Sea Blue (3 available)

All h&l Ceramics are thrown on the wheel by hand, fired to Cone 7, and sanded and smoothed to maximize comfort and minimize potential damage to surfaces. All pieces are dishwasher, microwave and food safe unless otherwise noted. For maximum life and beauty, hand-washing is recommended. 

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