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Welcome to the Potter's Perspective!

Hiya! Welcome to the inaugural post from my new blog, the Potter's Perspective! 

For a while now, I've felt that Instagram wasn't the most effective way to communicate on certain topics.

I want to create pottery tutorials, with pictures and more organized steps that are easy to follow. These may accompany videos on Instagram but ultimately I think they will be more accessible and searchable for you all!

I want to share more of my life and perspective, whether that's some of my favorite recipes, science (turtle chasing) background, or my views on the major injustices and issues that can't be drilled down to a 10 second story or a couple hundred word caption. 

I've been more of a shadow behind the scenes of this business but have been working towards changing that. I hope to work with you all to continue to connect, whether it's over a silly plant video on Instagram, a handle tutorial that finally takes your handle game to the next level, or a recipe that makes your weeknights a little easier or your weekend a little more tasty. 


Here's a running list of upcoming topics: 

  • Handle Tutorial - Pulling and attaching
  • Mishima Tutorial 
  • What makes a good planter? Designing functional planters for healthy plants
  • These are a few of my favorite tools: My favorite tools and how I use them
  • At least a couple tasty homemade dessert recipes
  • Turtles all the way down: How I went from a scientist to a full-time potter
  • Personal and Professional Platform: What I stand for as a person and a small business owner and how I marry the two
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